Mallow Campus is proud to be an active partner in the EU-funded Erasmus+ programme. Erasmus+ provides opportunities for students to study, train, gain work experience, or volunteer abroad.

Currently, 50 students from Mallow Campus take part in work placements in Spain, France, Sweden, and Poland each year. Work placements are organised through a network of contacts with Spanish, French, Polish, and Swedish enterprises in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Benefits for Students
Erasmus+ opportunities are very beneficial to students, who gain valuable experience in terms of learning new language and technical skills but also in terms of personal growth. All students report an increase in self-confidence, independence, maturity, and motivation upon their return home to Ireland.
In addition, the Erasmus+ mobility experience can enhance the student’s CV and help the student secure future employment, at home or abroad. Furthermore, the Erasmus+ programme can be particularly beneficial for those students looking to continue their studies of European languages at a higher level.It is a unique learning experience for Mallow College learners and one they embrace fully as it allows them to develop skills and knowledge they may use in the future.

In 2023/24 50 full-time day students will be selected to join us, fully funded, with Erasmus+ in countries across Europe.

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