Please note that Cork College of FET – Mallow/Charleville Campus policies are under constant review and will be updated from time to time. Courses are continually developed – content and specific award components are subject to change.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this prospectus is accurate at the time of publication, course content is reviewed on an ongoing basis which may result in course modification. The information in this prospectus is intended to act as a guide to a person seeking admission to Mallow/Charleville Campus and shall not be deemed to constitute a contract between the College and any third party. Mallow/Charleville Campus reserves the right to amend, change or withdraw any programme of study or academic regulation at any time. Furthermore, Mallow/Charleville Campus reserves the right to alter or delete any of the information included at any time and shall not be bound by any errors or omissions and do not accept liability in respect thereof.